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Family Governance and Corporate

Family Governance

At the core of every successful family enterprise is a seamless integration of family values and sound business management. At Blue Concept Asia, we serve to conjoin families and their enterprises effectively.

Our services are geared to helping families establish business-guiding visions and philosophies. We educate members to become significant contributors to the enterprise, making them understand the value of open communication as a means of solving problems, and of discussing rights, responsibilities and future challenges. We address important issues such as succession and the continuity of the enterprise according to the members’ collective will. Most importantly, we ensure that the three key components of every family enterprise – the family, the business and the ownership –are all mutually considerate and supportive.

Ultimately, we will work and aspire to see every family establish firmly its own governance code, which shall be the primary guiding instrument for principled business practices and for fair propositions and resolutions among members and all stakeholders within.
At Blue Concept Asia, we take equal care of your enterprise’s future and your family’s internal welfare.

Corporate Governance

A company’s reputation always precedes it.

Blue Concept Asia offers to establish good corporate governance policies for family and traditional enterprises vital for strong and solid company image.

We commit to impart desirable business practices and to share our expertise in guiding companies draw the most necessary component of good governance – their set of principled policies and regulations that are to govern their external and internal affairs alike. Strict observance of these policies and sound understanding of mandatory business traits are all-important to building a highly-esteemed reputation every financially successful enterprise deserves.

At Blue Concept Asia, we care that you strengthen your company through judicious management and practices and leave a legacy of integrity.


Fiduciary Management

Blue Concept Asia offers to administer your wealth and businesses with a view to building and preserving their value, and protecting them from immediate and future threats.

Wealth always reckons with laws and various life events, and without structured planning it may dissipate quickly. Taxes (income, inheritance, wealth and estate), succession, divorce, and disputes over family business control can all conspire to have your wealth and life savings dwindling.

At Blue Concept Asia, we devise and implement various planning structures tailored to maximize protection of your wealth and businsses, which may include the following:

  • An international business company to hold your assets in your behalf, with Blue Concept Asia offering to organize and maintain your company on- and offshore
  • A Trust to have your assets administered by a Trustee for the interest of your designated beneficiaries
  • A Foundation to likewise hold your assets in your behalf
  • Insurance Solutions
  • A Last Will to have your heirs succeed to your assets and properties as you intend them to

Estate and Succession Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is one of the most essential areas regarding wealth solutions, and Blue Concept Asia offers highly tailored and responsive estate planning services to high-net worth individuals and families.

A well-executed estate planning can settle immediately succession issues relevant to you and your family. What specific properties, for instance, is a particular heir to inherit from you? How are you to ensure that your properties will not be held or frozen by the courts as you will pass them to your heirs? What measure are you to adopt so that your heirs will not overspend and lose their inheritance within a short period of time? How are you to affirm that your properties will remain with your heirs, and that they will not dissipate by their marriages?

Blue Concept Asia will assist you gain a full hand over all matters relevant to your estate, resolve highly consequential issues yourself within your lifetime, and ultimately have your assets and properties bequeathed exactly as you intended.

Succession Planning

At one point in time or another, every successful family enterprise reckons with passing the mantle of leadership and confront the critical issues of succession. Who are to succeed the family patriarch or key players when they step down? How are the successors to be prepared so that they would possess the necessary knowledge and skills the moment they are called to lead? Shall capable, non-family members be allowed to succeed? How are leadership voids to be filled in the event of the untimely passing of a significant player?

Blue Concept Asia advises you to ponder seriously the future of your enterprise’s leadership and invite you to consider all relevant succession issues jointly with us. By imparting to you and your family members the proper succession process, you’ll meet your enterprises’ succession challenges in the future confidently and prudently.


Relocation Planning

International relocation has become an increasingly popular wealth solutions tool.

For some, it is a means of transferring family and properties to more politically stable and safer environments. For others, it is a viable cost-cutting measure that brings about reduced travel, business and day-to-day living costs.

Blue Concept Asia offers full relocation planning services, from assessing whether relocation fits you and your family, to determining your country of choice, and even up to obtaining for you residency permits and permanent citizenship.

At Blue Concept Asia, we help you realize your relocation plans if it fits your lifestyle and long-term objectives.


Risk Management

Risk management is predicated on the reality that as we age the nature of our wealth and the risks they are exposed to evolve. At some periods in life, some threats to you and your business become more potent than they ever will be.

From an individual perspective, we all can lose our health, or outlive our resources. From an investment one, our assets could decline in value or provide inadequate return in relation to our needs and aspirations. Without adequate preparation, they all can lead to economic difficulties.

At Blue Concept Asia, we endeavour to know you better and understand your life stage so that we could fairly identify the most dangerous current risks that threaten you and your business. To protect you, we will seek market and non-market solutions and the most appropriate products and strategies through our network of partners.

For us, securing your future is service we take most pride in.


Trusteeship and/or Protector

Blue Concept Asia offers to hold your assets in behalf of your heirs and loved ones as Trustee, to supervise your appointed Trustee as Protector, or to account for all financial matters of your estate as a court-appointed corporate estate guardian.

As a Trustee, we will administer your assets in accordance with your directives and to the best interest of your designated beneficiaries. Our long experience as a professional corporate trustee assures you of our expertise in trust formation and management.

We recommend trust formation primarily for protection of minors and vulnerable family members succeeding you as heirs, but it is also a very effective means of asset preservation by offering strong confidentiality protection.

In the alternative, Blue Concept Asia offers to stand as your Protector. As Protector, we will monitor your appointed trustee and oversee the performance of his obligations to ensure that the objectives for which you created the trust are achieved.

As a Trustee or Protector, we pride ourselves in performing our obligations with all the reliability and good faith of a trusted fiduciary and, as a Guardian, in exhausting all means and avenues available for the benefit of our wards.


Nominee Services

Blue Concept Asia also offers Nominee Services, to stand as a Nominee Director for corporations in Hong Kong (onshore) or Offshore.

Company-formation laws in Hong Kong require the mandatory appointment of minimum one individual director, and clients who wish to maintain full confidentiality of their identity and assets may opt to appoint a Nominee Director in their stead.

As your Nominee Director, Blue Concept Asia will abide by its fiduciary commitment to manage all the affairs of your company in the most beneficial way for you, and to represent you in the most positive light. We will act only according to your directives, and thus guarantee that as you keep your portfolio private and enjoy the highest degree of confidentiality, you will maintain full control of your company as beneficial owner.