Celebrating our Liechtenstein roots



Happy National Day to all our associates, partners, and friends from Liechtenstein.

The small principality in the heart of the alps was founded on 15 August 1719, when it became a sovereign member state of the Holy Roman Empire.
Every year, a large number of Liechtenstein’s 38,000+ citizens gather on the day for the so called “Fürstenfest”, a public celebration which traditionally ends in fireworks.

Read more about the “Fürstenfest”

Although Liechtenstein is one of the smallest countries in the world, it has a very strong economy, which is mainly made up of a large industrial sector and its highly advanced financial services.
Being located in between breath-taking mountain scenery and lovely mountain villages, Liechtenstein does not fit the traditional image of financial hubs such as New York or Hong Kong. However, it is a major international player and the originator of modern Trust and Foundation laws, as well as being one of the earliest jurisdictions with crypto- and blockchain regulations.
You can learn more about the principality and its economy in our video below.

We are proud of our Liechtenstein heritage, thanks to our CEO, namely Daniel MIJIC, who was born and raised in the principality.
His experience of more than twenty years as a Trust and Foundation specialist, together with his Liechtenstein values and work ethic lay at the root of our professional services where we provide you with tailor made solutions out of Hong Kong.
This connection and our internationally experienced staff allow us to build bridges between the West and the Far East, enabling us to secure your future.

Watch Daniel’s interview about his journey to Hong Kong and how he started Blue Concept Asia.