Get to know our Administration Officer – Susanne FANTON



Blue Concept Asia is excited to welcome its newest addition: Susanne FANTON. Susanne has joined the team as of February 2022 in her role as Administration Officer.

Susanne’s discipline and organisation skills from her time with the City Police of Zurich, are a perfect match with our professional values. In our latest employee interview, learn more about Susanne and about how she moved from serving the community of the largest city in Switzerland to volunteering for the Swiss community of Hong Kong before joining Blue Concept Asia.

Read the interview below:

Who are you?

My name is Susanne FANTON and I joined Blue Concept Asia Limited in my role as Administration Officer in February 2022.

I was born, raised, and educated in Switzerland. After finishing secondary school, I completed an apprenticeship at Swiss Post and then changed to Zurcher Kantonalbank as advisor to private customers. At the same time, I attended an evening trade school which I completed with an office diploma.

After my vocational studies, I joined the City Police of Zurich where I would go on to be employed for over two decades before my family made the move to Hong Kong, a place I am happy to call my home for almost six years now.

What is your professional background?

The City Police of Zurich was a very multifaceted employer where you could always seek further education and develop internally. After 8 years as a patrol officer and having attended various police-related training courses, I applied for an office role in management support. In this new role I completed various internal courses training my skills in administration and human resources.

After four years in my office job, I gave birth to my first child and had the opportunity to work on a part-time basis going forward. When my supervisor and head of the department decided to change departments and asked me to join, I agreed. I kept working in that same position until my husband received an offer for an international assignment in Hong Kong.

How did you find your foot in Hong Kong?

We made the decision to move to Hong Kong together as a family. We all saw it as a great chance to broaden our horizons and gain new and interesting experiences. Naturally, we were also nervous and excited about moving to the Far East.

When we arrived here, I wanted to make sure that our two children could settle in fast and comfortably. To help them as much as I can, and to integrate myself, I volunteered and was chosen as the class representative to both of my children’s classes at German Swiss International School (GSIS). As class representative I was the link between the parents and the school management. In my position, I planned and organised various meetings and was responsible for any problem resolution, if required. I offered my services as class representative from the early beginning in Hong Kong and until last year.

After two years in Hong Kong, I joined the committee of the “Swiss Association of Hong Kong” (SAHK), a non-profit organisation for the Swiss community in Hong Kong. As an Events Manager, I was responsible for organising, hosting, and following up on the association’s many events. After two years in this role, the SAHK president at the time asked me if I would like to take over as Secretary of the association and I agreed. In this role I was responsible for general administration work and support, which included various duties such as co-organising the association’s AGM and closely supporting the president of the association.

Since my first year in Hong Kong, I have also been a member of the Swiss Dragons, the dragon boat team which is a partner organisation to the SAHK.

What made you join Blue Concept Asia?

After holding various volunteer positions and with my family being well settled into everyday life in Hong Kong, I decided it was time for me to look for new opportunities in the professional world.

Through the Swiss Dragons I met Joshua Spirgi, who is the current Business Operations Manager of Blue Concept Asia. Without knowing about it, we both joined the committee of the Swiss Association at roughly the same time. Throughout the years, we worked together on various projects and early this year, Joshua brought up that Blue Concept Asia is looking for administrative support.

In February 2022, I was very excited to join Blue Concept Asia’s team and to learn more about this interesting wealth planning industry.

How do you want to contribute to BCA’s growth?

Having had extensive training in administration and a lot of experience over my years at the police force as well as my volunteer work, I am happy to contribute to the team in any way I can.

In my first month I have found that my disciplined and organised approach perfectly matches Blue Concept Asia’s professional values and already feel well integrated in the team. I am looking forward to challenging myself and adapting my skills to a new environment.

Being from Switzerland and having integrated to the culture of Hong Kong, I am very happy to be a valuable asset to an organisation that connects the West and the Far East.