About us

Blue Concept Asia Limited is a Hong Kong private company limited by shares and has been granted a licence by the Companies Registry for Trust and Company Service Providers in 2020.

As a wealth solutions and business consulting firm, we serve to ensure the growth and preservation of the wealth and businesses of our clients. We believe that these objectives could be met much more effectively not by offering standard products and services but by providing comprehensive wealth solutions that take into account each client’s personal circumstances. Our services are highly individualized.

At Blue Concept Asia, we always begin by knowing you and understanding your personal profile. We consider your life stage, career, passions, interests, and family–all vital information that will lay the basis for determining the general financial plan and strategy for you.

Then we will try to learn and understand your goals, around which will revolve the subsequent wealth solutions and strategies that we will formulate for you.

We serve with transparency and accountability, and will provide you with timely assessment of the solutions we recommend.

Whatever among our range of services you engage us - Corporate and Family Governance, Fiduciary Management Services, Estate and Succession Planning, Business Strategies, Relocation Planning, Risk Management, Protector, and Guardianship, and Trustee and Nominee Services – you can be assured of our highly customized brand of service.


Our name, Blue Concept Asia, is a symbolism on three levels.

Blue represents the Blue Oceans Strategy, a revolutionary business strategy that advocates creating new market opportunities by being creative and innovative, instead of meeting head-on the stiff competition of the open, free market. Blue, likewise, represents trust and loyalty.

Concept represents our ideas and solutions to the challenges of our clients.

Asia represents not only our current geographical location, but also oriental cultural pride, our founder having adopted the Far East as his new home. Our founder was born and raised in Liechtenstein but bears roots from the Balkans. With his elements from the East and West he symbolizes a blending of Eastern and Western culture.

Collectively, thus, Blue Concept Asia stands for our innovative approach and creative solutions to the challenges of our clients, for the values of trust and fidelity that we hold ourselves by, and for the melting point of Eastern and Western influences in Hong Kong and Asia that metaphorically represents the cultural multiplicity of our founder.

Beyond these symbolisms are our passionate drive to deliver tangible and quantifiable results for our clients. When it comes to wealth solutions, Blue Concept Asia is a name you can trust.


Recognizing that we share a fiduciary relationship with our clients whose aspirations we serve to realize, we uphold the values essential to professional trust and confidence.

  • We commit to be honest and transparent in all our engagements;
  • We commit to be professionally responsible; we shall consider thoroughly the individuality and unique situation of every client before proposing particular wealth solutions, and hold ourselves accountable for the consequences and outcome of these;
  • We commit to be sensitive to our clients’ needs and to be always attentive to their ideas or proposals for the realization of their objectives.
  • We commit to protect the interests of our clients vigilantly and shall be alert to the changes in external conditions that may affect our proposed solutions.
  • We commit to be mindful that as wealth experts and professionals we play a vital role in the growth of family enterprises and corporations which, in turn, are vital to the stimulation of the economy and to the livelihood of the people in our community; we shall therefore always practice our profession in the spirit of service and stewardship.

Daniel MIJIC


“Dani,” as he is fondly called, was born, raised, and primarily educated in Liechtenstein. Further, he completed post-graduate studies in Fiduciary Management from the University of Liechtenstein in 2010, earned his Global MBA at the University of Manchester in 2018, and completed certified-studies in FinTech at the Harvard University in 2021.

Dani, a citizen of Liechtenstein and Hong Kong Permanent Resident, is a native German and Serbo-Croatian-speaker, is fluent in English, and possesses basic skills in French.

Dani believes in giving back to his adopted community, and he and Blue Concept Asia support the development of Hong Kong’s youth through sports. He is a founding member of the Next Gen Sports Association, an organization that promotes character development and a healthy lifestyle among Hong Kong’s young generation.

After a thriving career in the wealth management and planning industry as a Foundation and Trust expert with a professional footprint spanning Liechtenstein and since 2014 Hong Kong, Dani took the next step in his career and formally entered the entrepreneurial world at the dawn of 2020, establishing his own consulting firm for wealth solutions, namely Blue Concept Asia Limited.




Joshua joined Blue Concept Asia in March 2021 as Business Operations Manager. He was born and raised in Switzerland for the first part of his childhood; and completed high school, business college, and university in Hong Kong. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business Management from University College Dublin in 2019 and is a native German-speaker, is fluent in English, with a limited working proficiency in French.

Before joining Blue Concept Asia, he has been working as Brand and Operations Manager in various industries. Such versatility and experience, along with Joshua’s knowledge and interest in current trends and developments in social media, digital marketing, and internet culture has become a value-added asset to Blue Concept Asia; a furnace of Eastern and Western culture, where Joshua fits in perfectly.

Joshua has also been a big part of the Swiss community in Hong Kong and is organising the Swiss Dragons, the Swiss dragon boat team, as well as volunteering his technical know-how as web coordinator for the Swiss Association of Hong Kong.




Anna has joined Blue Concept Asia as Business Development and Relationship Manager in November 2021. Born and raised in Russia, she enjoyed education in Russia and completed her major studies in Translation and Interpretation in Kazakhstan. Further, Anna completed studies in Business Russian Language in Russia, as well as Chinese Language and Culture in China, where she worked in hospitality management before moving to Hong Kong. Anna is a native Russian speaker, is fluent in English and Mandarin, and possesses basic skills in French.

With her client-oriented, result-driven, dedicated professionalism, with a decade of international experience in hospitality management and guest services, combined with deep expertise of operations, ability to communicate, and experience in directing cross-functional teams towards success in achieving client’s satisfaction, she is an added value to Blue Concept Asia.

Blue Concept Asia and its associated partners worldwide form a network of wealth solutions providers and business consultants who extend each one’s reach to every partners’ national sphere.

We complement each other by performing services anyone’s client may need in another partner’s jurisdiction. We work for our mutual benefit, which is a testament to the goodwill among the practitioners of our esteemed profession.


With us, you will grow individually and professionally.

Blue Concept Asia invites you to join its professional force and offers career choices that will challenge you to unleash your true potential.

We look forward to our achievements and successes together.

You will be part of our organization that shapes the lives and future of distinguished clients. Your functions will require diligence, initiative, keen judgment, high standards of excellence, creativity and imagination.

At Blue Concept Asia you will soon understand the values that define us to our clients and communities. We stand for professional responsibility, honesty, transparency, stewardship to our clients and unfailing vigilance to their interest, all of which have earned us their trust and confidence. These values will inspire you in your daily personal and professional life.

We believe our partnership will be mutually beneficial, and as you will help us realize our corporate objectives, we will provide you the opportunities to fulfil your professional aspirations.