Get to know our Business Relations Manager – Anna VYGOVSKAYA



"Blue Concept Asia is excited to welcome its newest addition: Miss Anna VYGOVSKAYA. Anna has joined the team as of November 2021 in her role as Business Relations Manager.
Anna is bringing a wealth of experience in customer relations and business development from her decade of experience in hospitality.
In our latest employee interview, learn more about Anna and how her Russian roots together with her worldwide professional experience, especially her years in China, are a perfect match for Blue Concept Asia, a furnace between Eastern and Western culture."

Read the interview below:

Who are you?

My name is Anna VYGOVSKAYA and I have joined the Company, namely Blue Concept Asia Limited, in my new role as Business Relations Manager in November 2021.

Born and raised in Russia, where I received my primary education, I obtained my university degree in Translation and Interpretation in Kazakhstan. In addition, I completed further educational studies in English and French Language during a student exchange program in Canada, a Chinese Language and Culture program in China, and a Business Russian Language program in Russia. I am a native Russian speaker, fluent in English and Mandarin, and possessing basic skills in French language.

My first professional experience led me to Dubai (UAE), where I would undergo a six-months internship with a British company, a provider for oilfield services to the international oil and gas industry. It was a fascinating industry, which I enjoyed for a short period of time.

Returning to Russia over a decade ago, I took my first step into the hospitality industry with a leading hospitality group. Being able to demonstrate my commitment, I developed strong interpersonal, as well as leadership skills in various management positions, having been given a chance to relocate from Russia via Kazakhstan to China. Throughout this journey, I completed various advanced training programs in Hospitality Management.

What brought you to Hong Kong?

Having spent over five years in Shanghai, which became my second home, I decided that it was time for a new personal challenge towards greater professional achievements.

Pre-Covid time, my sister used to live in Hong Kong, which I therefore visited regularly during that time. I have always enjoyed the dynamic vibe of this city, in which I could see an opportunity of developing myself further. So, when I received a job offer, it seemed a great chance to advance my career and management skills in Hong Kong.

What did you do before joining Blue Concept Asia?

Although my arrival to Hong Kong was smooth at first, thanks to the support of my sister, I ended up facing a tough start as the Covid-19 pandemic rapidly swept across the world, having a huge impact on the hospitality industry. Since international travel has been banned and many hotels have been forced to close their doors, I was not able to perform my duties with my new employer and thus took an involuntary sabbatical leave.

Working in the luxury hospitality industry for nearly a decade, I have always prided myself in delivering the highest quality and service standards. My main expertise before joining Blue Concept Asia was overseeing the operation of front office executive lounges and improving the customer experience by exceeding VIP guests’ expectations and the brand’s online reputation. As an expert in Guest Relations, I had built my customer service strategy around “a personalised experience”, which in the financial industry refers to tailor-made services.

By understanding the fact that the hospitality industry in Hong Kong will need time to recover, I had started to look for new opportunities that would suit my skill set. I saw this occasion as my opportunity to contemplate what I wanted to do next.

How and why did you join Blue Concept Asia?

Besides its tourism and hospitality industry, Hong Kong is known as an international financial hub and a prime location for the financial service industry.

Since my experience and skill set can be aligned with professional financial service providers, I have decided to take my next step in this sector. Having an expert in client relations and business development is just as important in the financial sector as it is in hospitality, and thus the job at Blue Concept Asia as Business Development and Relationship Manager turned out to be the right opportunity for me.

The Company’s tailor-made approach to advice its Clients and Prospects on various Wealth Solutions such as Succession Planning, Asset Protection, Nominee Services, and other services as well as Business Consulting to SMEs, Start-Ups, and Individuals and Families, is where I am confident to make the best use of my communication, problem-solving, and analytical skills.

With Blue Concept Asia’s position as a bridge between Europe and Asia, my academical background, multilinguistic and professional skills, and creative character helps me understand and work with both Eastern and Western cultures, something which will be a huge asset to Blue Concept Asia, its clients, and its partners.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Thinking of a business consulting firm, I see an institution that is providing comprehensive solutions that consider each client’s personal circumstances. Having seen different cultures and holding various management positions throughout my career, it is my intention to expand my knowledge in the financial service industry and I am looking forward to developing new skills.

With the entrepreneurial spirit of Blue Concept Asia’s team and working with new parties, I am sure to become a value-added asset to the Company, achieve my career goals, and to contribute to the Company’s growth and expansion plan.